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My Office Software is produced by Simple Office Solutions, a recognized developer of innovative accounting software providing cost effective solutions for over 25 years. Designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses, My Office Software is an accounting milestone that offers companies a distinct advantage over competing systems.

Thousands of small to medium-sized businesses can embrace the low cost, high performance muscle that My Office Software delivers. There are no limits on the number of users or "seats" that can connect to the system.

My Office Software continues to inovate with a number of new features. These include integrated image and document management, and the ability to connect directly through our mobile applications you can stay in touch with your business from anyplace at anytime. With customizable screens, reports, quotations and invoices It's everything a small to medium sized business could want at an amazingly affordable price.


Software that Fits Your Style of Business.

  • Customize any Screen
  • Customize any Invoice
  • Customize any Order Screen
  • Manage Inventory 'Your Way'
  • Speciality Screens to make workflow efficient.
  • Rapid Invoice Entry
  • Track Inventory Movement
  • Job Costing
  • Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Any format Sales Orders
  • Any Product Pricing System

Consistency Creating Simplicity

That's fancy talk for creating consistent screens and questions so that each new step in the process is similar to the previous set of steps. So, for instance, anytime you create a new Page in your app, you have to do the following:

1. Name it

2. Add an Icon or Picture to represent it. Anytime you add an icon or picture to represent any aspect of your app you have the same options.

Upload from:
a. Your computer
b. Our library
c. The internet
d. Or, leave

What this consistency creates is a familiarity for you, the user, as you go through the process.
Each step in any new process is the similar to the last.

App Sections

App Sections are the sections of the App Builder through which, our wizard (Digi) will guide you. Once you are familiar with building and creating your free apps, you can go directly to the Section you need for edits and adjustments. They are divided as follows:

App Properties

App Properties is where you will assign what we call the "Properties" of your app. Essentially, this is where you name and create the "look" of your app. This is where you will:

1. Name your app

2. Select your app icon - image that represents your app.
3. Splash Screen - screen that flashes as your app loads.

Design Properties

Design is where to begin to create the "design" of your app: the color scheme and background of your pages.
Here is where you will:

1. Determine the color scheme of all the pages of your app.
2. Select the background image of all the pages of your app.

Content Properties & Page Manager

The Content Properties section is where you actually create the "content" of your app - this is where the actual Pages (or Tabs) of your app are created. In the Page Manager you can browse and select the pages you want to use and create. You can also Edit, Delete, and rearrange the page order here.

Publishing Properties

Yep, you guessed it. Publishing Properties is where you go to finalize and Publish your app. This is the real reason you create your app. Remember, until you Publish it (and it gets approved by Apple, Android, or Windows) your app is not available to anyone. So, this is your last step and this is how you share your app with the world!

Pages Offered

This is the meat of your app. You can create pages like a Contact Us page or your restaurant's menu or even a "menu" of services. You can even create a list of your events - just to name a few.

We offer a number of Page types for you to select from. And, guess what, this section will continue to offer new page selections so you can update your App often!


Content Page can be either Text or Photos. Content could be used for an "About Us" page or other type of page where a lot of text is required; especially a mixture of text and pictures.

Menu/List Items

Menu can be either a "menu" in the restaurant / bar type of business *or* a list of items or services. It is essentially a list of items that can be Categorized, by using categories.

You can name the items in the list, describe them, price them, even make special notes related to a specific item. The items in this list (or menu) can be laid out in categories, or not.


In Events you get to input all the events or calendar related activities related to you or your app. You can input the event name, date(s), time, cost, and description of the event.

The page also allows the user to be "reminded" of the event on their calendar, if they choose. Think of all you can advertise on this page!


In Forms you can create a custom Form. Any type of form you desire: multiple choice, text, drop-down lists. Mix and match to create an input form that is user friendly and ultimately brings you the information you need.

Examples of a form: Contact Me form (for when your customers want a call back from you), or how about an "App Survey - How do you like our new App?" form. This is a very powerful feature, so use it wisely (or not:)

Photo Gallery

Okay, so you may not need a lot of explanation on how Photo Gallery is used, but we may as well be consistent. Photo Gallery is where you can upload all (or some) of your pictures. You can also use photos from the internet (but please follow Copyright laws).

You can decide how your photos appear (as a list, in a gallery, etc.) to your users and even enter descriptions for each photo. This is a Page everyone will use and enjoy. Think of any time you have great photos to share - send your users, friends and family to your app to enjoy them. Now, that's how you get users!

Video Gallery

Video Gallery….is where you upload videos. Just drag and drop or add the link. You can add videos from your computer or the internet.

Remember, if you are grabbing videos from the internet - copyright laws exist and must be followed. Other than that, share and enjoy!


Links are links. Links to anything: a web page, document (word, pdf), excel spreadsheet, graphs, news stories, or any other content you would like to share.

This is a Links page, but you can name it so it makes sense. Let's say you are creating a media page about your company, you can name it "News About Us". Maybe it is links to your favorite websites, name it "My Fav Sites"...Make it fun and valuable to your users.


The Contact Page is really a Contact Us or Location page. You can input your address, phone number, email contact, website information, and even a map. This a a great tool for your users to find and contact you at the touch of a button!


So simple: create custom sounds, by uploading a sound, naming it and tah dah! You have a sound app…


Impress your users with this interactive page. Create backgrounds and stickers so your users can create their own animated page. Stickers is a way to add a "fun" feature for your users.

Social Links

We all dabble in it…you know you do. Yes, we are talking about Social Media. This is where you will input links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, My Space, and more.

It is as simple as copying and pasting the actual URL when we ask and voila - your users can see what you are up to any time they are in your app!

RSS Feeds

Your app becomes the "reader" for the "feeds" that you choose in this section. So, if you select your Wordpress feed and input the URL: http//, then YOUR blog feed will show up on this page you've created called "My Blog" or "Feeds" or "WhateverYouChooseToNameIt". Get it?

MEET DIGI, OUR WIZARD and Other Assistance


Digi is our wizard (your wizard). His only goal in life is to make your app building experience simple and fun. But don't confuse his lackadaisical attitude for lacking in any functionality. He is truly just having fun guiding you through building your app.

If Digi is not informative enough, we also offer additional assistance through the following:

Learn More & Hints

Learn More
The Learn More button gives you more detailed explanations of the screen and the screen you are working in and the process, itself.

Hints (?)
Hints are the Green question marks (?). Hints offer more tips to assist you along the way. We tried to make My Simple Office simple, but don't want you to have to stray too far if you have questions. Between Digi, Learn More, and Hints, we "think" we have it covered. Of course, if you still have questions, there is always the FAQ's and Technical Support. Don't ever hesitate to ask a question.
We are here to help.